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Chargers In the News

By Tri City Chargers Board, 10/27/16, 9:15AM CDT


ESPN's Sport Center

Did you know that one of Tri City's very own players was featured on ESPN's Sport Center? 

That's right!  Aubby Roberson a long time Tri City Charger was featured in a story about her football career that aired the first Wednesday in November 2016.   We are so proud to have Aubby as a part of the Chargers and look forward to watching her on Sport Center

"Yes ESPN is doing a story on Aubby it happened all by accident and we are still blown away by this. Thank you for wanting to pass this on to the league.  Auburn and our family are humbled by the attention. We are extremely proud of her!!

We don't know all the final details but so far they said the first Wednesday in November it will air on Sports center on tv and on ESPN social media that same day. 

We want to let the league know we did talk about Aubbys many years in TCC and how positive her experience with her teams have been. Also Aubbys best friend Justin Birkelbach from TCC was interviewed and will be featured in the story. 

Thank you again, Brian and Autumn Roberson "

Congratulations Aubby!  What an incredible opportunity for an fantastic player and teammate.

Go Chargers!"